"... the incoherent musings of a wayfarer
who will use any excuse
to fool about on the Darling River
& write crazy stories
while admiring whistling kites ..."

Drifting down the Darling and its sequel, Paddling Down the Darling, can best be described as the incoherent thoughts of a traveller who will use any excuse to put a boat onto the Darling River and then write crazy stories about birds. These stories are often made up and he blames others for ‘not understanding him’ as the reason he exaggerates. Do not listen to anything he says about Australian birds - none of his observations are based on skill, truth, or even reality.

Who is Tony Pritchard?

Tony Pritchard was born in Dubbo, New South Wales, in 1952. He has travelled extensively and rates the Darling River as the best place in the world. He currently lives in a shed in Brisbane and is sometimes home to feed the chooks, water the chokoes and to make more lists. His wife loves him.